Orange Research Group services span a wide variety of disciplines, each critical to providing you with the advanced research, findings and organization you need to optimize your legal documents. Coupled with our in-depth research, editing and categorization services, Orange Research Group provides clients with advanced interpretation and recommendations where applicable to strengthen overall document value.

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Contracts Management

Provided for corporations of all sizes, contracts management services are applicable to all types of litigation, encompassing the categorization and monitoring of a corporation’s contracts to ensure boilerplate language in provisions are identical.  Services include flagging inconsistencies for review and identifying provisions that aren’t up to industry standards.

M&A Assistance

As companies acquire / merge with other companies, there are thousands of documents and contracts that need to be catalogued and reviewed (part of due diligence).  ORG mergers and acquisition services help organizations gather, assess, categorize, cross-check and manage multiple documents to ensure accuracy and consistency for all types of litigation.

50-State Surveys

Applicable to companies that may conduct business in multiple states, jurisdictions or internationally, 50-State Surveys include conducting, comparing and cross-checking individual state legal regulations to identify similarities and / or differences from state to state.  Surveys might include Workers Compensation, HR, Employment (example: at-will employment), Insurance and other facets.

Human Resources Support

To assist companies that may have limited HR staff or budgets, ORG Human Resource Services include updating company handbooks, HR policies and other HR documentation to comply with federal and state regulations.

Expert Testimony Review (Litigation Service)

For law firms and corporations that conduct large litigations that require expert testimony, ORG Expert Testimony Review services include fact checking, copy editing and standardization of legal citations for Expert Report for litigation purposes.  Expert Testimony Review services include a thorough check of underlying sources and figures that provide the evidence for the Expert’s opinion. ORG also puts together analysis of opposing expert reports to assist clients with their legal positions.

Deposition Summaries (Litigation Service)

To help organizations optimize the legal deposition process, ORG Deposition Summaries services include reviewing transcripts for specific parameters and highlighting / bookmarking the information in PDF format so that the client can easily access the information.  This service also includes putting together summaries of testimony based upon individual or subject.

Information Review

For Information Review projects that require data entry, verification, analysis and a high-level of precision accuracy, ORG employs a two-pass system with a reconciliation step to guarantee over 99% accuracy.  Information Review services are often conducted for litigations, but can also be used for compliance or ongoing business needs.